We build working MVPs like this in a week

It has user onboarding, business flows, customer support dashboard, administration panels, panels for third party integrations.


You do the work of four men in part-time. In my entire career at Silicon Valley I have heard a lot of talk but have never, ever seen anyone deliver like you.
Ken, CEO

Inquires: dustin@hyperfiddle.net



Work history

  • Crypto startup Built a functional prototype of new product in like two weeks. 2018
  • Spacious Lead hot migration from MongoDB/Meteor → Datomic/Clojure. 2018
  • Jamplay Guitar lessons platform with realtime text/video. Redux, React.js. 2017
  • Platphorm Social media with realtime text/video. Redux, React.js, Rails. 2016
  • Gabbermap Location social media. ClojureScript, Om Next, React.js, SSR. 2015
  • Panasonic Healthcare enterprise dashboard, React.js. 2014
  • Wingspan Pharma enterprise dashboard, React.js, Scala. 2010–2013

Past work