chouffe: What is the story around integration testing and unit testing with datomic cloud? I would like to be able to run tests without internet connection. The only reference I found was this: https://forum.datomic.com/t/integration-testing/465
kenny: Hi @chouffe. Because this became a blocker for us, we ended up writing datomic-client-memdb [1] to facilitate local development and CI testing with Cloud. It’s a small library that wraps Datomic Free in-memory databases with the Datomic Client protocols.
I wrote the library so let me know if you have any questions.
chouffe: Sweet! Thanks for the github link and the lib.
How do you deal with backups and restores with datomic cloud? Let say I want my in memory dev db to be a backup from prod?
kenny: I haven't needed to do that. I don't believe there's any built-in way to do that with Cloud :disappointed: Certainly would be helpful if the Datomic team provided that.
chouffe: Do you know if its possible to connect to one of the peer instances from the bastion server and run the datomic bin restore command?
chouffe: Also, how can one restore a datomic db from the S3 buckets? I am still unsure how this all fits
kenny: I don't think there is anyway to backup/restore with Datomic Cloud.