Managed ClojureScript static sites, including extensible markdown pipeline

What is this? This is a managed "static site generator" backed by ClojureScript, Reagent and Datomic. Clojure programmers can use this tool to make static sites with ClojureScript, Reagent and Markdown, all live in your web browser, with no compiler toolchain or complicated configuration.
Live and interactive. All the markup on this page, including the markdown, is defined in ClojureScript which you can edit right now, live in your browser. Try clicking over to the view tab ➔➔ to see and edit the ClojureScript – it will update live as you type!
Full control over markdown pipeline. All of the non-standard markdown extensions on this page – including figure and gfycat – are defined by ClojureScript multimethods in the hyperfiddle view tab. You can add plugins for math or table of contents, or even throw everything away and bring your own markdown pipeline.
Is it simple and easy yet? No, not yet. Hyperfiddle is under active development and getting better every day.

Here be custom markdown extensions, see markdown code ➔➔

This is a figure markdown extension, it has block content and a caption.


Make your first static site now

More goodies

Serverless. Your static sites are server rendered on AWS Lambda with integrated CloudFront. You can disable client javascript if you want (for the lightest mobile experience), or leave javascript on for a progressive web app with interactive ClojureScript.
Dependencies? NPM deps can be added by script tag (see youtube demo), BUT you have to manage the dependency graph by hand 🙃 No ClojureScript dependencies or deps.edn, yet.