Couple of things that I liked less

  1. Github bug should open in new tab
  2. How do I return to "view" from "src"?
  3. Not clear when things are saved. I realized it is always
  4. Changing the indent of the fiddle is kind of dangerous (and stupid?).
  5. I know that code mirror supports parinfer. Might be nice to have the option.
  6. The hello world video does not match what I have.
  7. Link screen does not fit well, on my laptop, on half the screen.
  8. Bellow markdown does not work. But documentation explains well how to make tables.
  9. I had couple of errors like..

Things that are amazing

  1. responsiveness

Things that could be nice to have but not necessarly

  1. a place to upload images. Or, you could explain a place to upload images for free.