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My first blog post

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Second blog post

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Third blog post

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Fourth post

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is js/console.log syntax future proof?

dustingetz: is js/console.log syntax future proof? as opposed to (.log js/console) (edited)
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large strings and high churn attrs blow out indexes

jchen: Is there a way to shrink the size of blobs written to storage? Our transactors are trying
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derived value in datalog

yogidevbear: Hi everyone :wave: I hope this doesn't sound like a silly question, but...
Is ther
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Don't expose :db/id publicly

tslocke: Beginner question: is it idiomatic to work directly with numeric entity-ids, e.g. in a
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Call datomic.api from hyperfiddle?

alexandrkozyrev: I don’t see datomic in deps.edn, what is the way to ref datomic.api? - http://a
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Adding graphs as a markdown extension

alexandrkozyrev: Dustin hi, can you please tell if it’s possible to make https://visdown.com/ a
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what cljs libs are available?

alexandrkozyrev: what libs (except kvlt, promesa, cuerdas) are available?
dustingetz: Libs:
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automatic CRUD links

dustingetz: @alexandrkozyrev Paste this stage, like in this screenshot:
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Clojure protocols are not just java interfaces

viebel: In Clojurescript, it is possible to make a type callable as a function (like keywords a
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Why defrecords are not callable as functions?

Yehonathan Sharvit: A question related to records:
records implement most of the maps functiona
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Conv with Viebel about Slack Storm

Yehonathan Sharvit: Hello Dustin,
I am struggling to add a slack converstation into tank.hyperf
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Fiddle links

dustingetz: As to your question about having the query react to an input parameter. There is imp
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Intercept Datomic API calls

steveb8n: it has worked great for me. I added the Pedestal interceptor lib to it and now have cr
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Today is Dec 4

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Does Hoplon integrate nodejs rendering and React at the leaf? (No)

dustingetz: Does Hoplon support server side rendering? If not what obstacles are preventing so?
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Dirac + Hyperfiddle design sketch

dustingetz: Darwin, has there been any discussion about level of effort to bring this to browser
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Metadata on primitives

dustingetz: I want to add metadata to a primitive, like an int. I think it should work on boxed
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Why does (seq nil) return nil but (str nil) return ""?

dustingetz: Why does (seq nil) return nil but (str nil) return ""
Probably to prevent NPEs in
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Never use dot in keyword name, only in namespace

dustingetz: When to use dash in attribute names, and when to use dot or camel case? `:dustingetz
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Is clojure.spec data or not (because custom predicates)?

devth: reposting my notes on spec-related content in the 'Maybe Not' talk (https://www.youtube.
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How to design attribute namespaces in Datomic

pvillegas12: Looking at schema design https://docs.datomic.com/cloud/best.html#group-related-at
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